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My 2017 reel includes footage of my work from the following;

American Gothic, Heroes Reborn, Reindeer Games, Hawaii 5-0, First Sunday, Into The West, Roots (Additional Photography), The Americans (Pilot), Lie To Me, Comanche Moon, Frankenstein, Blackbeard, Dexter, Big Love, Trauma.

Below you can find excerpts from my earlier work, including feature films.

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Alan Caso learned the basic principals of light, color and composition from his father who was a photographer for the United States Air Force, a graphic artist and lithographer. Alan studied painting at Massachusetts College of Art and transferred to the University of Massachusetts, Amherst, when his interest shifted to film. During this time, Caso also avidly pursued photography, learning the fine skills of black and white photography and darkroom techniques.After graduation, he moved to Los Angeles and found a niche in the Industry as a gaffer during the mid-to-late 1970’s. He switched over permanently to camera operating in the late 1970’s - early 1980’s while additionally mastering the steadicam, becoming one of the few operators in the 80’s who performed both A Camera and steadicam.

Caso’s first feature, 84 Charlie MoPic, was shot in 1988. He has subsequently compiled over 60 narrative credits for cinema and television screens. He won the ASC Outstanding Achievement Award in 1997 for the miniseries, George Wallace, and additionally received an Emmy nomination. His cinema credits range from Muppet movies to John Frankenheimer’s stark drama, Reindeer Games. Caso created a unique look on HBO with 6 Feet Under, for which he received two more Emmy nominations, in 2002 and 2003. Other nominations were an ASC nod for his work on Frankenstein in 2003 as well as his work on Stephen Spielberg’s Into the West in 2004, which also garnered him another Emmy Nomination in 2006.

This well acclaimed miniseries also distinguishing him in the western genre, which was followed by Comanche Moon in 2007, the prequel to Lonesome Dove. He filmed two feature films after that; First Sunday, released in 2008, and Love Hurts in 2009. He has continued to work for Showtime, HBO, FX, and USA, as well as network projects such as Heroes Reborn for NBC and Hawaii 5-0 and American Gothic for CBS. Caso’s experience in period pieces got him an assignment for an ABC project titled, “Still Star Crossed,” shooting on location in Spain. Alan was an Executive Committee member for the Cinematography Peer Group from 2000 – 2002 with the Television Academy.

Subsequently, he sat as a Governor for two consecutive terms (4 years) from 2002 through 2006. He was an active member of the ASC Technical Committee from 2001 through 2005. He continues to be a mentor for the International Photographers Guild Mentor Program. Additionally, he hosted, for the second year running, an intern over the summer of 2008 for the Television Academy’s Internship Program on Journeyman, and for a third year with the Academy on a project in San Francisco titled, Trauma. Caso remains an active host for this Internship Program. Please refer to Alan Caso’s resume for a recent list of productions, or check out IMDB for a complete list of all his credits.



Still Star Crossed (Limited Series - Episodes 3, 4 and 7)

ShondaLand and ABC Studios
Prod: Shonda Rhimes, Betsy Beers and James Middleton
Dir: Erikson Core and Clark Johnston

American Gothic (Pilot and Series)

CBS and Amblin Television
Prod: Darryl Frank, Justin Falvey and Corinne Brinkerhoff
Dir: Matt Shakman, Lexi Alexander, Greg Beeman, Hanelle M Culpepper, Various

Roots (Mini-Series, Additional Photography)

History Channel and A&E
Prod: LeVar Burton, Mark Wolper, Will Packer and Marc Toberoff
Dir: Phillip Noyce and Mario Van Peeples

Heroes Reborn (Limited Series – 6 Episodes)

Prod: Peter Elkoff, James Middleton
Dir: Matt Shackman, Various

Satisfaction (Season 1)

​USA/Universal Cable Prods
Prod: Sean Jablonski, Lori-Etta Taub
Dir: Michael Smith, Various

Hawaii FIVE-O (Seasons 2-5)

CBS/K.O.Paper Products
Prod: Alex Kurtzman, Robert Orci, Peter M Lenkov
Dir: Various

The Americans (Pilot)

​Fox TV/Amblin Television​
Prod: Adam Arkin, Richard Heus
Dir: Gavin O'Connor

Bent (Pilot)

​NBC/Universal TV
Prod: Michael Pendell, Chris Plourde
Dir: Craig Zisk

Dexter (Season 6, Episodes 1-3)

Showtime/John Goldwyn Prod
Prod: Robert Lloyd Lewis, Tim Schlatmann, Lauren Gussis, Scott Buck
Dir: Various

Leverage (Ep. 401)

TNT/Electric Entertainment
Prod: Dean Devlin, Paul F. Bernard
Dir: Dean Devlin

The Defenders (Series)

CBS/CBS Productions
Prod: Kevin Kennedy, Niels Mueller
Dir: Various

Trauma (Series)

NBC/Universal Media Studios
Prod: Dario Scardapane
Dir: Various

Lie to Me (Season 1)

Fox/Imagine Television
Prod: Samuel Baum
Dir: Various

Big Love (Season Three, 5 Episodes)

Prod: Mark V Olsen, Will Scheffer, David Knoller and Bernadette Caulfield
Dir: Dan Attias, David Knoller, Jim McKay, Various

Suspect (Pilot)

Prod: Ed Zuckerman, Preston Fischer, Carl Beverly
Dir: Guy Ritchie

Into The West (MiniSeries)

Prod: Steven Spielberg, David Rosemont
Dir: Robert Dornhelm, Michael Watkins, Jeremy Podeswa

Six Feet Under (Pilot & Series)

Prod: Alan Ball, Alan Poul
Dir: Alan Ball, Various



Prod: Ilyssa Goodman, Adam Lipsius
Dir: Adam Lipsius

Love hurts

Prod: Brian Reilly, Michael Gallant
Dir: Barra Grant

First Sunday

Screen Gems
Prod: Matt Alvarez, Ice Cube, David McIlvain, Tim Story
Dir: David E Talbert

Spartan (2nd Unit)

Warner Bros/Art Linson Prod
Prod: David Bergstein, Moshe Diamant, Elie Samaha, Art Linson
Dir: David Mamet


National Lampoon
Prod: Doug Curtis, Glen Gainor and Craig Perry
Dir: Frank Longo

Reindeer Games​

​ Dimension Films
Prod: Marty Katz, Chris Moore, Bob Weinstein
Dir: John Frankenheimer

The Adventures of Elmo in Grouchland

Sony Pictures
Prod: Marjorie Kalins, Alex Rockwell
Dir: Gary Halvorson

Muppets from Space

Columbia Pictures/Jim Henson Pictures
Prod: Martin Baker, Brian Henson
Dir: Tim Hill

Almost Heroes (2nd Unit)

​ Warner Bros/Di Novi Pictures
Prod: Denise Di Novi
Dir: Christopher Guest

Top of the World

Millennium Films
Prod: Avi Lerner, Elie Samaha
Dir: Sidney J Furie


​ Universal Pictures
Prod: Rosalie Swedlin
Dir: Bill Couturie


Emmy Nominations

George Wallace - 1997 / 1998

Six Feet Under - 2001 / 2002

Six Feet Under - 2002 / 2003

Into the West - 2005 / 2006

ASC Awards

George Wallace - 1998

ASC Nominations

Frankenstein - 2004

Into the West - 2005

AFI Year of Excellence Award

Six Feet Under - 2002


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